Restorative Education

Stronger Nations offers (1) and (2) day workshops in Restorative Practice. We cover a variety of topics listed below. If you are unable to attend this training or would benefit from us coming to your organization or community just send us a direct message in our Contact Us section of the website and we are more than happy to start planning your training session with you in Restorative Practice for your team.

Restorative Education

When something has gone wrong, Restorative Practice methods can be utilized to bring together everyone that has been affected by an incident of wrong doing or from conflict that has occurred. Restorative Practice methods help the facilitator develop a resolution with all involved of how to repair the harm so everyone can move forward together in a good way.

As Human Beings we never graduate from making mistakes and building relationships. Restorative Practice methods helps to provide the framework and tools to support children, educators, support workers, social workers, mental health clinicians, parents, guardians and community members.

Key areas covered in this workshop are:

  • What is Restorative Practice? and how can it be used within my practice?
  • Restorative Conversations 
  • Restorative Circles
  • Restorative Leadership
  • Restorative Organizations
  • Healthy Relationships 
  • Navigating Through Conflict

Our workshops are designed to provide participants with relevant and practical tools so that they can incorporate Restorative Practice into the work that they are doing to support Children, Youth, Families, Elders and other Professionals.