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Welcome to Stronger Nations. Our Story Begins in the Fall of 2012. It was a deep Conversation between two Best Friends about how they could help to create opportunities for Stronger Collaboration, Connections, Support, Reconciliation, and Professional Development across Different Professional Disciplines that work with Aboriginal Children, Youth, Families, Elders and Communities.

After a few months of Discussion Stronger Nations was Born with the Vision of Bringing together Professionals from all Different Disciplines to engage in the same discussions on how we can collectively across our Professions Collaborate to Support the Aboriginal Children, Youth, Families, Elders, Communities and Organizations that we service.

We took a Risk in March of 2013 and Self-Funded our 1st Annual Stronger Nations Conference. At this Conference we were able to bring together Professionals from Education, Healthcare, Social Welfare and Social Justice. This was our First Time Seeing our Vision turn into a reality and it was a huge success. The feedback that we received from all that attended affirmed for us that our passion and commitment to connect people could work and did work.

Each Year we have committed to Hosting (1) Annual Conference to bring together these disciplines to Strengthen Relationships, Collaborate, and Share Collective Knowledge as we move forward with Reconciliation with each other, our organizations, our professions and our communities.

We have now entered into year 4 of Stronger Nations and we have not only established Stronger Relationships with Professionals from all Across Canada, but we have also been able to remain true to our Vision of Connecting Professionals from all Disciplines to Strengthen their Relationships with each other.  

Warm Regards,

Shelly Niemi

Shelly Niemi and Jennifer Parisian